Install snow fences along critical routes or high hazard areas


Install snow fences near critical road segments and bus routes to reduce snow blow across the roads. This can include ‘living snow fences’ made of trees/bushes. Traditional snow fences can be a temporary measure implemented during the winter season.

Capital Cost


Operations & Maintenance

Moderate – increased cost with cleaning and monitoring of snow fences; however, reduced maintenance costs associated with road clearing. Living snow fences have lower maintenance costs.


Moderate – may improve driving conditions and reduce crashes


Moderate – the removal or relocation of structures may be costly; however, flexible to be scaled up as needed

Barriers to Implementation

Community support; space; capacity; property ownership (snow fences often need to be constructed outside the right of way); lack of policy support to implement


Ensure equitable implementation of measure based on greatest need and across equity areas. Ensure that snowmelt runoff does not contribute to flood risks.