What Can We Do?

Clove Branch Road in East Fishkill

Resilient Ways Forward will help us improve the resiliency of our transportation system by providing decision-makers and agencies a range of resources and recommendations. Building on our analysis of climate and transportation data, and what we’ve learned from stakeholders and the public, we will develop:

  • A toolbox of prioritized adaptation strategies to reduce our system’s climate vulnerability
  • Design guidelines with practical information on how and when to incorporate climate change projections into infrastructure designs or planning
  • Best practice transportation and land use policies to reduce vulnerability and improve resiliency
  • An implementation plan to move our recommendations forward
  • A monitoring plan to keep Resilient Ways Forward up to date

We’ll update this section later in the process, so check back to learn more about how we can make our transportation system more resilient.

Share Your Story!

Help us understand how the transportation system in Dutchess County is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Click here to send us documentation of how flooding or other extreme weather has affected your ability to travel.

If possible, include a photo, date, and description of the damage caused.