Use permeable pavements


Use permeable pavements in low traffic areas, including parking lots, to slow, filter, and clean stormwater runoff. These types of pavements can also be used around bridges and bus stations that experience frequent freeze-thaw periods. They should not be implemented on high traffic roads where clogging of pavements could cause significant issues.

Capital Cost


Operations & Maintenance

Moderate – permeable pavement requires vacuuming to remain effective. Although this may require more year-round maintenance than conventional asphalt/concrete, there will be reduced maintenance during wintery conditions.


Moderate/High – helps reduce surface runoff in addition to providing co-benefits. Also allows standing water to filter, thereby avoiding freeze-thaw cycles and preventing ice formation on roads/bridges in winter.


Low – the removal or relocation of pavements is generally cost-prohibitive; however, paving can be done incrementally

Barriers to Implementation

Cost; construction quality control; ongoing maintenance needs


Ensure equitable deployment of strategies across a range of equity areas, based on greatest need.